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tCentric Hybrid Mesh Back

The tCentric Hybrid with Airless Cushion Technology combines the best attributes of the leading mesh chair with the industry leading benefits of ergoCentric’s fully ergonomic upholstered chairs. You no longer have to choose between the sleek appearance and breathability of a mesh chair and great ergonomics. Now you can simply choose the tCentric Hybrid.

airCentric 2

airCentric chairs deliver the benefits of airflow with the proven ergonomic support of foam and fabric. Combining a sophisticated aesthetic with modular design, full adjustability and airflow comfort, the airCentric offers a truly comfortable seating experience.


iCentric Mesh

iCentric Mesh chairs deliver an affordable conference and training room solution that provide airflow capabilities while maintaining ergonomic support. With a proprietary flexible weave upholstery comprised of polyester and monofilament/elastic yarns, the iCentric Mesh series offers a soft feel while allowing increased airflow, with horizontal band detail to provide additional support.