Mississauga, Ontario, Canada – September 15, 2015 – ergoCentric Seating Systems, an ergonomic seating systems manufacturer with over twenty-five years of experience in providing superior ergonomic seating and reputed for its ability to accommodate 100% of the workforce is pleased to have been selected by the Province of Ontario as the sole Vendor of Record (VOR) for Office […]

Ergonomics: How To Increase Productivity And Lower Costs Publication: Safety & Security (Media Planet) May 2015 Walk into an office today and you might be startled by the variety and sophistication of accessories—contoured keyboard trays, standing desks and personalized chairs. An efficient workforce starts with a healthy office space. Long gone are the days of […]

Ideal for office environments and gamers alike the tCentric Hybrid’s uses continue to grow. Read the full article here. As gamers and office workers, PC Gamer magazine’s writers spend a significant amount of time each day sitting. They don’t anticipate that changing any time soon, so they set out to find a great office chair. In doing so they highlighted […]

Diverse Comfort

June 18th 2012 in Blog

Diverse Comfort A changing workforce highlights the importance of choosing ergonomic furniture by Michael Power Originally published in Purchasing B2B Publication Date: June 2012 Ergonomics involves ensuring equipment suits the worker, says Terry Cassaday, president and founder of ergonomic chair manufacturer, ErgoCentric Seating Systems. Calling office equipment “ergonomic” is a misnomer, he says, as a […]

The ABC’s of MSD’s

May 22nd 2008 in Blog

The ABC’s of MSD’s by Anne Duffy Originally published in Canadian Facility Management & Design Publication date: May 2008 In April 2008, the Toronto Chapter of IFMA held an ergonomics seminar. The evening included a presentation by Anne Duffy, Ministry of Labour Provincial Ergonomist, on the Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) Prevention Series. Last year, the Occupational Health and Safety Council of Ontario (OHSCO) released […]

Seat Sale

February 17th 2006 in Blog

Seat Sale How to buy ergonomic chairs and sell them to management by Terry Cassaday Originally published in Accident Prevention Magazine Publication Date: January/February 2006 Ergonomists and experts agree: ergonomically correct chairs increase productivity and decrease costs. The challenge is effectively communicating the critical benefits to other decision makers. Assuming you want to buy proper ergonomic seating for your workplace, there are […]

The Productivity Paradox

January 17th 2006 in Blog

The Productivity Paradox and ergonomic office chairs by Terry Cassaday Originally published in Up-date The OHRPA Magazine Publication Date: January 2006 Productivity may be easy to define but is notoriously difficult to measure. For instance, most people take for granted that personal computer systems have significantly improved office productivity over the past two decades, yet it has been […]