Ergo 2F ESD


The Ergo F ESD Series provides the comfort of foam-fabric/vinyl chairs combined with the dependable performance of ergoCentric ESD seating. To allow electrical charge to pass through the chair, conductive fabric/vinyl is secured to copper bands within the seat where metal t-nuts are installed on the copper bands. Metal screws are used to connect the mechanism to the t-nuts which allows the charge to continue through the entire down to the conductive floor.

The Ergo 2F ESD can also be specified to meet clean room standards, meeting the cleanliness specifications for:

  • Federal Standard 209E, Class 1, 10, 100 & 1000 environments.
  • ISO 14644-1 Class 3, 4, 5 & 6 environments.

Cleanroom Testing

All tests were conducted by Interbasic Resources Inc. (Grasslake, MI), an independent testing laboratory. View the cleanroom testing information here.


  • Multi Tilt [MT]

  • Tilt 2 [TILT2]


  • Large ESD Seat [LSESD]

  • Small ESD Seat [SSESD]



  • 100mm Chrome Pneumatic Lift [100MMCH]

  • 140mm Chrome Pneumatic Lift [140MMCH]

  • 200mm Chrome Pneumatic Lift [200MMCH]

  • 267mm Chrome Pneumatic Lift [267MMCH]


  • 20" Height Adjustable Footring [20FR]

  • 26" Polished Aluminum Base [26PB]


  • 2 1/4" ESD Glides [2GESD]

  • Dual Wheel Urethane ESD Casters [UCESD]

  • Lock-Off Urethane ESD Casters [LOFESD]

  • Lock-On Urethane ESD Casters [LONESD]

Additional Options

  • Back Trim [BT]

  • Class 100 Cleanroom [CRPACK]

  • Energy Absorbent Memory Foam [EA]

  • Triple Density Foam [TDF]

Specification Sheets

Ergo 2F ESD Tilt with a Footring DOC