ergoForce Mid Back


ergoForce chairs provide a unique design coated in an abrasion-resistant strip, to accommodate the uniform requirements of professionals who wear a duty belt. With 5 inches of infinite back height adjustment, and six seat sizes, the ergoForce series is ideal for law enforcement, and offers them the ability to wear their belt when seated while retaining the freedom of movement required for multiple tasks.

Warranted for up to 300 lbs on Standard Mechanisms and up to 350 lbs on Plus Size Mechanisms.

 Kansas City Police Department Testimonial


  • 24 Hour Multi Tilt [24MT]

  • Dedicated Task 2 [DT2]

  • Heavy Duty Task Intensive [TI]

  • Multi Tilt [MT]

  • Plus Size Multi Tilt [350MT]

  • Seat Slider [SSLF]

  • Synchro Glide [SG]

  • Synchro Glide - Lite [SGLITE]



  • Extra Long Seat [XLS]

  • Extra Plus Size Seat [XPS]

  • Large Seat [LS]

  • Plus Size Seat [PS]

  • Small Seat [SS]



  • 80mm Pneumatic Lift [80MM]

  • 80mm Heavy Duty Pneumatic Lift [80MMHD]

  • 100mm Pneumatic Lift [100MM]

  • 100mm Heavy Duty Pneumatic Lift [100MMHD]

  • 125mm Pneumatic Lift [125MM]

  • 125mm Heavy Duty Pneumatic Lift [125MMHD]

  • 140mm Pneumatic Lift [140MM]

  • 140mm Heavy Duty Pneumatic Lift [140MMHD]

  • 157mm Pneumatic Lift [157MM]

  • 200mm Pneumatic Lift [200MM]

  • 267mm Pneumatic Lift [267MM]


  • 20" Height Adjustable Footring [20FR]

  • 26" Glass Reinforced Nylon Base [26NB]

  • 26" Polished Aluminum Base [26PB]

  • 27" Hercules Glass Reinforced Nylon Base [27HERB]


  • 2 1/4" Glides [2G]

  • Chrome Accent Casters [CAC]

  • Dual Wheel Nylon Casters [NC]

  • Dual Wheel Urethane Casters [UC]

  • Single Wheel Nylon Casters [SW]

  • Single Wheel Urethane Casters [SWU]

Additional Options

  • ergoCentric Footring Black [ERGOFR]

  • Adjustable Headrest [AHR]

  • Air Lumbar [AL]

  • Air Thoracic [AT]

  • Air Thoracic and Air Lumbar [ATL]

  • Tailored Seat Pan [TS]


  • 4" Adjustable Oval Tube T-Arm [4ATAOT]

  • Swing Away Adjustable T-Arm [SATA]