Hand Hygiene Utility Shelf


The Hand Hygiene Utility Shelf was designed in collaboration with an acute care hospital to create a convenient solution for hospital staff to use as a multi-purpose touch down surface – ideal for hallways, patient rooms and laboratories.

The sleek, user friendly design provides staff with a convenient surface for charting or to place items temporarily and can be located next to hand sanitizing dispensers either in or outside patient rooms. The shelf easily opens with your forearm or hand, to reveal a non-slip surface that fits most standard size food trays or clipboards and holds up to 120 lbs.

When in the closed position, the patent pending, low profile Hand Hygiene Utility Shelf does not protrude past standard handrails posing no risk to patients and staff.


  • Hands free opening when hands are full or contaminated

  • Optimal size fits most standard trays and clipboards

  • No sharp edges to catch skin or clothing

  • Designed with patented damper system that stands up to continuous use

Weight Capacity

  • 120 lbs (Subject to wall structure & anchor capacity)


  • 5 years