Height Adjustable Meeting Tables

Product Details


ergoCentric’s height adjustable meeting tables allow workers to alternate between seated and standing positions throughout the work day. This is especially useful for longer meetings, where fatigue and discomfort from sitting for longer periods of time can affect worker focus and productivity.

Moving the table is intuitive with the easy-to-use up/down control with four position memory. The quiet motors housed in each of the table’s legs ensure a quick, smooth transitions in positions.

The sturdy frame accommodates a variety of tabletop widths to make retrofitting the table for new users and areas economical. The durable open frame design provides optimal knee clearance and space for storage.

ergoCentric’s height adjustable meeting tables are available with tabletops made from Thermally Fused Laminates in a wide range of sizes. Additionally, they are available in an oval, rounded rectangle, or rectangular shapes.

Thermally Fused Laminate Options

Tabletop Sizes

  • 42" x 72"

  • 42" x 78"

  • 42" x 84"

  • 42" x 90"

  • 42" x 96"

  • 48" x 72"

  • 48" x 78"

  • 48" x 84"

  • 48" x 90"

  • 48" x 96"

Frame Colour

  • Black

  • Silver

  • White


  • 0.06 Standby Power Draw

  • 1.6" / Second Travel Speed

  • 30W Max Power Draw

  • 39 dB Sound Level

  • 78 ¾" Power Cord Length

  • Digital Display & Memory Control