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Find the ergoCentric Sales Representative in your area

Search for your local ergoCentric Sales Representative to obtain more information about our seating systems, height-adjustable tables, and ergonomic accessories.

Raza Syed

Edmonton Showroom [email protected]

Adrian Leger

Atlantic Canada

Mobile: 902-880-7783

[email protected]

David Neilson

British Columbia

Phone: 604-365-3070

[email protected]

Sean Storozuk

Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Phone: 905-839-6858
Mobile: 416-528-8078
Fax: 905-616-6623

[email protected]

Daniel Applebaum

Greater Toronto Area (GTA) WEST

Mobile: 647-460-7996

[email protected]

Sheila Merrick

Manitoba, Saskatchewan

Mobile: 204-688-0378

[email protected]

Derek Graansma

Southwestern Ontario

Phone: 519-643-8161

[email protected]

Bob Cimon

Western Quebec, Ottawa Ontario

Mobile: 613-282-1432

Ottawa Showroom 
[email protected]

Antoine Desjardins

Montreal and Eastern Quebec

Phone: 514-270-4788
Phone #2: 1-888-270-4788
Mobile: 514-941-9748
Fax: 514-270-4285
Fax #2: 1-866-358-4285

Montreal Showroom [email protected]

Mark Blake

Oregon, Washington (State), Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, California, Alaska, Hawaii

Phone: 206-396-4210

[email protected]

Lisa Chavarria Gowan

Florida, Piero Rico, Caribbean

Phone: 214-886-8255

[email protected]

Joe Simpson

Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Arkansas, Tennessee, Southern Illinois, Louisiana

Phone: 314-722-1688

[email protected]

Matt Yuhas

New York, Connecticut

Phone: 585-749-0585

[email protected]

Leeds Associates | Richard Leeds

Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine


[email protected]

The Dignan Group | David Dignan

District of Columbia, Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia


[email protected]

Kevin Kliefoth


Phone: 210-488-5900

[email protected]

Red Rock Studio | Brandi Rhodes

Arizona, Nevada, Texas (El Paso), New Mexico

Phone: 480-283-5601

[email protected]

Patrick Reiner

North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Western Pennsylvania, Ohio

Phone: 314-681-1509

[email protected]

Select Design Group | Brad Wuerch


Phone: 317-694-1248

[email protected]

Specialty Office Products | Ana Miranda & Rosa Rios

Puerto Rico


[email protected]

Rosaline Colón Torres | Emmanuel Santiago | Ramón Ríos

Puerto Rico


[email protected]