An Ergonomic Solution for Customer Service Representatives

An Ergonomic Solution for Customer Service Representatives


Providing proper seating for financial institutions’ in-branch Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) has been an issue throughout North America for many years. Up until now there were three choices: Traditional sit stand, a counter height task chair and simply standing all day. Due to their lack of back support, traditional sit stands have never been well accepted by in-branch CSR’s and as a result many branches have sit stands that are not being used. Task chairs don’t work well in most branches as they often cause the CSR’s to hunch forward all day leading to repetitive strain injuries as can standing for long periods of time.


A major Canadian financial institution with 1100 branches and thousands of in branch CSR’s contacted ergoCentric Seating Systems to help them with the issue they were facing regarding sit stands and CSR usage. This major bank had been purchasing traditional sit stands as well as various task chairs and counter stools from ergoCentric for many years. Some in-branch CSR’s liked using a sit stand while others insisted on a task chair with a backrest. This financial institution challenged ergoCentric to develop one seating system that worked for everyone. ergoCentric spent considerable time interviewing and studying how in-branch CSR’s worked.


ergoCentric Seating Systems, working with the financial institution’s own ergonomist, created the 3-in-1 Sit Stand, literally three chairs in one seating system designed specifically to meet the varied needs of in-branch CSR’s. A sit stand that had a backrest and could be easily adapted into multiple sit stand and task chair formats to provide the most user-friendly sit stand seating system ever developed.

ergoCentric also added the following design improvements to make the 3-in-1 Sit Stand the perfect seating system for in branch CSR’s

  • A No-Slip Strip to make the sit stand portion of the chair every bit as functional as a traditional sit stand in the sit stand mode.
  • Two casters allow the product to be easily moved from station to station or out of the way.
  • Three glides provide stability when perching.
  • Geometrically shaped adjustment paddles and icons make Adjustability Understood™.

The 3-in-1 Sit Stand is still completely modular allowing you to add arms, change the seat size, base, casters, glides and cylinders to suit changing needs.


The financial institution requesting the solution made the 3-in-1 Sit Stand the standard for its branches resulting in a high degree of in-branch CSR satisfaction.