St. Joseph’s Healthcare Extremely Pleased with ergoCentric



To Whom It May Concern:

In August of 2009, through the St. Joseph’s Group Purchasing Organization, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton entered into a contract with ergoCentric Seating Systems. This contract was awarded after a 9 month process that was thorough and complex. It included site visits, on site trials, and employee evaluations. We are extremely pleased with this decision and recommend ergoCentric to other healthcare facilities.

Ease of Use and Training:
ergoCentric chairs are extremely comfortable, supportive and offer excellent ergonomic features.
ergoCentric has made their chairs easy to use and understand. The geometrically shaped adjustment paddles are easy to distinguish from one another. We find it beneficial that ergoCentric offers each employee a 1 on 1 orientation on how to use the chair and tips on sitting properly throughout the day.

Customization and Trials:
An advantage to working with ergoCentric is their ability to customize a chair for employees with special seating needs. For example, we recently had an employee with a sensitive tailbone and they were able to provide a seat pan with a cut out in the coccyx area, relieving the pressure the employee felt and allowing her to work comfortably. In addition, they were able to provide a trial of the chair for two weeks so we could make an informed decision. ergoCentric offers six different seat pan sizes as well as back, arm, and lift size options to configure a chair to meet our employees’ needs.

Service and Delivery:
ergoCentric makes individual appointments with employees in order to provide an orientation. They deliver the product directly to the employee’s location. We are very satisfied with the short lead times of about 2 weeks for chair delivery. In some cases a rush order has been delivered in 2-4 days, a service which is very beneficial to us and our staff.

From an ergonomic, service, and value standpoint we have been extremely pleased with ergoCentric Seating Systems and would not hesitate to recommend them to other healthcare facilities.

Please feel free to contact us at the numbers below if you have further questions or would like to have a more in depth discussion.


Audrey Benton, BHSc,OT, OT Reg. (Ont.) Occupational Therapist
Ergonomics & Rehabilitation Consultant

Lisa Manto Grant, PT, BScPT Physiotherapist
Ergonomics & Rehabilitation Consultant