Tables & Accessories Warranty

Tables & Accessories Warranty

ergoCentric Seating Systems hereby warrants all of its tables and accessory products against defects and functional failure of materials. These warranties shall not apply to any products which must be replaced because of normal wear and tear, negligence, abuse or accident, shipping damage, or product use other than in accordance with written instructions and warnings. ergoCentric makes no warranty that any of its products are suitable for any particular purpose and makes no other warranties, expressed or implied, other than those set forth herein. In no event shall ergoCentric be liable in either tort or contract for any loss or direct, special, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages. This warranty is based on the use during an eight hour work day.

Warranty claims

ergoCentric will repair or replace any product or materials, covered by this warranty, found to be defective or inferior within the warranted period. This warranty includes the cost of labour and shipping. Claims are to be made directly to ergoCentric or to the authorized representative from whom the product was purchased. Product or materials, for which a claim has been made, must be made available for inspection by an authorized ergoCentric representative.

Limit of warranty

These warranties shall be valid only during the term of these warranties; and while the products herein warranted are in the possession of the original purchaser. The original purchaser shall mean the party which first purchased the products for its own use whether from ergoCentric or an authorized ergoCentric representative.


Product Warranty
height adjustable frame
12 year limited warranty*
High pressure
laminate tabletops
12 years
Adjustable meeting tables
(large and small)
12 year limited warranty*
Fixed height meeting tables
(large and small)
12 years
Fixed height tables 12 years
Monitor supports 10 years
Laptop supports 10 years
Mobile tables 10 years
Modesty panels 5 years
Foot and leg rests 10 years
Storage pedestals 5 years
Anti-fatigue mats 1 year
Cable management  10 years
Power and data accessories 3 years
CPU holders 5 years

*12 year warranty covers the frame structure and steel parts. Motors, wires and all electronic components 7 year warranty

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