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Kansas City Police Department Standardizes on ergoForce

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Faye Choate, CPPB, Purchasing Agent, Kansas City, MO Police Department

Our department has standardized on the use of the ergoForce chair in our work areas. Throughout our Department we have areas that are set up for officer’s use, no one person sits there as the areas are for the officer in the field to come in do their paperwork and then go back out into the field. We have standardized on the ergoForce chair due to sturdiness and flexibility of the chair.

It has proven very beneficial for us to utilize the ergoForce chair with the fold away arms so that the officers can sit comfortably and not be limited due to their guns and other equipment on their belts. The “sit” of the chair appears to fit a large portion of our officers with very little adjustment however it does have adequate adjustment options so that any officer small or large can comfortably sit in the chair. The foldaway arms allowing for moving one of the arms out of their way while still providing arm support on the other side of the chair has proven to be one of the best options we have selected.

In addition to the reliability of the chair the support we have received from ergoCentric has been outstanding. On the few occasions where something has gone wrong with the chairs they have handled the repair/replacement swiftly and efficiently. In addition to support of the chairs the original ordering and delivery process has been quick and reliable which has helped us greatly with getting our new facilities up and running.

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