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Niagara Regional Police Headquarters

tCentric Hybrid by ergoCentric
Niagara Regional Police
Niagara, Ontario
Police Headquarters
tCentric Hybrid™, ergoForce™, HÅG Capisco™, Aloe Sleeper Club, ecoCentric™ Pivot Back Guest Chair

A New State-of-the-art Facility

The Niagara Regional Police (NRP), once located at the police headquarters on James Street in St. Catharines and the Niagara Falls detachment on Morrison Street, have moved into a brand new $65-million headquarters. The goal for the new location was to make a space that is efficient and synergetic. ergoCentric was able to help contribute to those goals by providing their seating throughout the 3-story, 210,000-square-foot facility.


This building houses approximately 600 of the Niagara Regional Police uniformed and civilian members with many units under the same roof for the first time, meaning there is a mix of functionality in terms of the tasks performed. A mix of quality products were needed that could adjust to different user’s requirements and withstand a high volume of use.

Project Scope

The Purchasing Agent was looking for quality seating that would ensure the best possible work environment for the staff and also complement the design and unique requirements of the new space. ergoCentric was able to easily accommodate for the diverse requirements of groups within the new building due to the range of products offered and our ability to customize seating to fit both the space and the user.
We worked closely with the purchasing and design teams to customize seating for each department, right down to the type of mechanism, armrest style and upholstery suitable for each environment.
tcentric Hybrid in NRP
tCentric Hybrid™ Boardroom with tCentric Hybrid Lumbar Pad; seat upholstered in Genesis Flint.

“ergoCentric proved that they were able to provide superior seating that met all our criteria. The range of seating they offer – task, 24-hour, guest – allowed us to accommodate the entire building, meaning there was no need for multiple seating suppliers.”
– James Berg, Purchasing Coordinator

As a publicly funded organization, Niagara Regional Police were able to piggyback on to ergoCentric’s Vendor of Record contract with the Ontario Public Service, making ergoCentric the most cost effective option.

Specific Challenges

Timing was a huge factor for NRP. Seating needed to be installed with only four weeks lead time. Due to our industry best lead times we were able to accommodate and meet the deadline.

Desk and Office Seating

tCentric Hybrid task chairs were purchased for all desks, offices, workstations and boardrooms in a range of departments. Their sleek style and ergonomic capabilities match the sophistication of the new building while providing superior support for each user.
ergoForce Chairs at NRP
ergoForce™ Multi-Tilt upholstered in Stacatto Black with ergoCentric+Guard Strip.

Front Desk and Police Incident Command

ergoForce chairs are being used by uniformed police officers in Administration/Registration, Report Writing and Cell Block areas. With the proprietary ergoCentric+Guard™ Strip, the ergoForce accommodates the uniform requirements of professionals wearing a duty belt, while providing them the freedom of movement required for multiple tasks, which is exactly what an on-duty officer needs.

Cashier Stations

HÅG Capisco™, distributed exclusively by ergoCentric, are used in the cashier area. The unique shape of the HÅG Capisco backrest provides perfect support in numerous sitting positions without restricting the ability to move and is made for greater freedom of movement, variation and natural sitting positions – all of which lessens the possibility of back and lower limb problems.

Quiet Room

A primary function of the Quite Room is to provide employees with a stress-reducing environment for the those working extended shifts. The Quiet Room includes Personal Amenities and features the Aloe Sleeper Club Chair, an easy-to-use and comfortable sleep surface. The chair is intuitive to use and lets users effortlessly open and close the chair without the need of instructions. It’s also easy to clean, making it a hygienic choice.

Interview Rooms

ergoCentric Pivot Back Guest Chairs are used in the interview rooms. The size of room is adequate for three people with a small table and chairs. Chairs used in these types of environments should avoid using swivel seats and casters, and are similar to those used in waiting rooms or reception areas. The same chair should be used for both the investigator and the subject. The Pivot Back Guest Chair provides seating that is easily moved, the backrest pivots back and forth for comfort and easily cleanable upholstery was used.

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