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What Our Team Likes About the tCentric Hybrid

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Matt Lowe CSP Safety Consultant, Safety Trainer Founder/President of Preventive Solutions, Inc

A few months ago I was asked to check out the new tCentric Hybrid. It was time to purchase a bulk order of chairs for my client, a major technology company based in Santa Clara, and my positive experience from working with ergoCentric in the past made me seriously consider ergoCentric and the tCentric Hybrid for the bulk order. After evaluating the tCentric Hybrid chair for a day or two, we were excited about switching from our existing chair models and getting into the tCentric Hybrid. Some of the specific things that our team really likes about the tCentric chair and ergoCentric in general that helped us decide to go with it are:

  • The seat is extremely comfortable. We did go with additional memoryfoam on the build that we ordered (I think everyone should do this), and it has really paid off. This is the feature I get the most positive feedback on.
  • The chair back is very adjustable. I’m able to fit nearly everyone with effective lumbar and overall back support due to the big range of height adjustment from the backrest.
  • The armrests (even without the extra-adjustable option) are very user friendly, wide and comfortable. They also swivel all the way around, allowing just about everyone to get comfortable upper arm support when needed.
  • The mesh on the back of the tCentric Hybrid is different – and better in my opinion – than what I have seen on other mesh chairs. There is a tension to it that makes you feel supported – it doesn’t “give” like some other chair models. Most of our users wanted a mesh back for airflow and for aesthetics.
  • When we ordered our lot of chairs, ergoCentric worked with us to select a few different sizes. This really helped out for fitting our workforce, and did not slow down our order or significantly change our pricing. Our employees have also really liked the ergoCentric video tutorials that help them learn how to adjust the chair.
  • The tCentric Hybrid’s aesthetic is a big hit. The chairs look great and modern, people have been very happy with them.
As you can see, I’ve been very happy with the tCentric Hybrid and ergoCentric in general. I’ve recommended both to my other clients already and would encourage anyone looking for seating options to contact ergoCentric and check out the tCentric Hybrid chair.

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