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Xylotek Focuses on Bringing Ergonomics into Their Workspace

Xylotek Solutions is a premier IT services provider head-quartered in Cambridge, Ontario. When faced with increased rapid demand for their services, Xylotek needed to hire more employees. They decided to optimize the use of their existing office instead of moving locations. Xylotek’s goal for this project was to provide ultimate ergonomic support for all employees in departments including Sales, Administration and Technical Support Services.


When Chris Pickard, Xylotek’s President, was searching for office furniture, he was looking for task chairs that combined ergonomic functionality with a modern aesthetic.


Most of Xylotek’s employees work at computer stations for many hours a day; therefore, they desired highly adjustable workstations so employees could vary their postures throughout the workday. Their old desks did not provide employees with the options to adjust desk height nor did their old office chairs provide sufficient lumbar support. Employees sitting at their desks for a long time, unable to adjust their postures, experienced unnecessary fatigue, and discomfort. Space was also a constraint. With the desire to stay in their current location with an increasing headcount, a streamlined solution was required.


Finding the Answer with ergoCentric

tCentric Hybrid ergonomic task chairs and upCentric electric height-adjustable tables were purchased for all workstations throughout the company providing the contemporary aesthetic desired, along with a great deal of customization and adjustability. tCentric Hybrid task chairs with both foam and fabric seats as well as mesh seats were chosen. The ability to provide two different seat styles ensures individual requirements were met, while maintaining a unified aesthetic across the office. upCentric electric height adjustable tables with either rectangular or L-Shaped tabletops were chosen for all Xylotek employees’ desks. Height adjustable desks allow each employee to adjust the desk to their optimal height when seated while also giving them the option to stand while they work. upCentric acoustic privacy panels, made from recycled plastic, were included in the Technical Support area. The panels help reduce the noise level in a room, as well as assist in maintaining a degree of privacy in what is typically a collaborative space.

Tidying Up with Cable Management


Xylotek also opted for the upCentric Cable Management Basket solution, ensuring cables and power bars were neatly packed away, thus contributing to the tidy and modern aesthetic desired.

A Long-Term Solution


For Xylotek, this project was about getting their employees the most ergonomically sound seating and height adjustable tables available, while also getting great value for money. “We chose ergoCentric because it is a Canadian company with a reputation for high-quality ergonomic solutions. They offer a 12-year warranty on the tCentric Hybrid office chair and their height adjustable desks, along with the ability to modify our task chairs over time, which will keep our current and future employees comfortable.” says Vice President, Bonnie Chan

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