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2 visionary brands.

1 mission.

Together with Staples Canada, Gry Mattr and ergoCentric are on a mission to enhance your well‑being while you work. We believe the most productive and inspiring environments are where you can do your best work and be your best self. The result is a partnership that’s rooted in sophisticated design and high‑level engineering.


airCentric® 3


Your body is the ultimate tool for creativity and productivity. For it to work at its best, the right support is essential, and the airCentric 3 has it all.


Its ergonomic design is built with over a decade of airflow engineering research. Constructed with patented technologies, airCentric 3 helps you work at your highest potential.


sCentric Hybrid


Adjustability is key to good ergonomics. The sCentric Hybrid comes with a number of patented adjustment features to enable you to sit in your ideal posture.


Loved by both ergonomists and designers, the sCentric Hybrid puts you in control of your comfort.