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Ultimate Medical Stool

The Ultimate Medical Stool is the most hygienic stool on the market. It features a foot activated adjustment paddle that allows easy adjustment for multiple seat heights without the use of hands to maintain infection control standards.

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Aloe Sleeper Club Chair (35” wide)

The Aloe Sleeper Club Chair version combines the ease of use and intelligent design of the Aloe Sleeper Chair with stylish arms that create a relaxing and warm healthcare atmosphere.

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Aloe Sleeper Chair (28″ wide)

A favourite with healthcare staff, the Aloe Sleeper Chairs effortlessly convert from a chair into a bed. With no mechanical parts, its intuitive design and easy handling means anyone can open and close it without instruction or assistance. Simple to clean, Aloe Sleeper Chairs are constructed from one solid piece of metal, reducing the need for maintenance and repairs.

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Hand Hygiene Utility Shelf

The Hand Hygiene Utility Shelf was designed in collaboration with an acute care hospital to create a convenient solution for hospital staff to use as a multi-purpose touch down surface – ideal for hallways, patient rooms and laboratories.

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