Improve Wellbeing

Improve workplace wellbeing with an ergonomic workstation

The application of ergonomics in the workplace improves productivity, plain and simple. Employees are your most valuable asset, so it’s important to provide an ergonomic workstation that allows them to do their best work. When employees are free from fatigue and discomfort during their workday, they are more likely to demonstrate excellent attendance and commitment, as well as morale and engagement.

Well-designed ergonomic seating that provides stable support for movement and task accomplishment is arguably the single most important component of a healthy working environment.

Encourage a balance of support and movement

In response to the needs of an evolving working population, we now provide a wide variety of ergonomic accessories to encourage movement during the work day. Because no single posture is good for you if maintained for long periods of time, ergonomic office design, chair design and job organization should allow for a variety of postures and activities. From height adjustable tables to keyboard trays and anti-fatigue mats, we have the accessories to help you build an ergonomic workstation that promotes an active and engaging workday.

Promoting Productivity in the Seated Posture

There are conditions and types of work that naturally lend themselves to seated posture, such as concentrated and focused tasks, including high visual work. Key considerations to keep your employees productive and healthy while in the seated position include:

Promoting Productivity in the Perched Posture

In circumstances when a worker needs to be eye-level with customers, moves about frequently, or simply requires a break from prolonged sitting or standing, perching is an alternative.

Promoting Productivity in the Standing Position

If a worker’s tasks involve making frequent or long reaches to equipment or items, considerable movement away from the workstation or within the workstation, working in the standing position is an option. It also provides an alternative to break-up a day of sitting.